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While we have made custom gun cabinets since we opened our doors back in the early 80's, this category has grown to be a major category for us in recent years.12 gun Walnut gun cabinet

Our Amish craftsmen's dedication to quality puts our cabinetry in a class of its own. We ourselves have been gun nuts and hunters for years and as such understand the need for a safe and relatively secure method to display our firearms.

Our custom Amish made gun cabinets now stress the safe and secure display of you fine arms, either pistols, long guns, swords or a combination of either.

Your firearms are secured in a solid wood cabinet, with security options that include: multiple door and drawer locks; security glass or bullet-proof plexi-glass; lockable, plexiglass no touch shields; trigger locks; and steel locked storage areas.

All of this combined with the finest cabinetry suitable for the most discriminating sportsman and the most collectible firearms. Soft leather cradles your gun at stock and baller to protect them from scratches.14 pistol wall case

Your firearms can be positioned in every possible configuration or angle. Pistols and rifles can be combined for secure display. Our cabinetry is built in components (bases and tops) for easy installation handling and flexible design. Long guns can be displayed horizontally or vertically, or in combination. Display as few as 4 guns or as many as you have wall space to display.

Our custom gun cabinets include LED lighting easily activated by touch switches in the hinges or tracks for enhancing your display.  

Look thru the samples of our past cabinets, and then contact us either by phone or email with your ideas. Inspect the samples and pictures for ideas. Remember. you are not limited to what you see here. Look at each component in every picture. We'll pull the parts you like together to make a unique, secure cabinet just for you. If you do not see a style or component that is close, send us a sketch, drawing or doodle and we can begin there.

We have a separate website dedicated to our fine firearm cabinetry...

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