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About us - Almost 40 years in One Place!
Arthur Illinois' Amish funiture tradition back in the 1950's or so when the Amish folks here realized that farmland and farming in the future would become costly, and competitive with their "English" neighbors. They decided as a group to pursue hand crafted furniture and cabinetry for the community's future and also to set a high standard of quality in their work.

While growing up in Arthur and working in the local cabinet industry we developed many friends and associations across the Amish community both as neighbors, and also as fellow woodworkers. All of the Amish woodworkers at that time, and as now, are spread around the Arthur countryside in small one to 5 person shops making components and cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry was big, but furniture was a smaller portion of the local economy.

In the 1970's, with the encouragement of a number of Amish woodworking friends, we opened a small local furniture showroom in downtown Arthur. The feeling was to make the local products easier to find than having to wander across the countryside, and to bring a number of the small shops together with more serious displays of the talents here in the Amish community around Arthur. Additionaly, as we are not Amish ourselves, we could allow ourselves to more boldly advertise the area's products. Advertising back then was looked on as a bit like boasting or being prideful and not exactly proper for the Amish folks themselves.

As our family has been retailers of one kind or another continuously here on main street in Arthur since the 40's we easily made the transition to furniture. Now after close to 40 years promoting quality Arthur Amish made furniture thru our showroom, we find increasing interest in our products from across the nation over the web.

We love small town America, support our local downtown, spend many hours a year promoting our commuity and helping with festivals and special events, and the largest Amish furniture display in the Arthur area.

We are comfortable with the quality we offer and have many, many satisfied customers across the country that enjoy our fine Arthur furniture.