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Another growing category in decorating is furniture for the cave... man cave, that is.

We have made card table and game tables ( our Amish builders don't like us to refer to them as "poker" tables ) in many styles. Oval Texas Hold 'Em style, octagonal and round "regular" card tables and others. With wood, felt or suited card cloth on top. Legs or bases as you choose, almost always solid wood, but fold up metal legs are available also. We offer the same wood choices as in all our furniture- oak, mapless, cherry,and hickory, and again, as always colors to match your choice.

We have access to most licensed University logos, and a large number of colors for the suited speed cloth that is usually the choice for card tables. We can add custom logos if you choose. The suited speed cloth is highly water and stain resistant and if necessary, cleans easily.

Brass drink holders (soft drinks of course,) chip trays (not potato in this case,) and any other extras you can think of can be included.

On many of the larger card tables, we offer a removeable dining top, made in solid wood and finished like all out regular dining tables. This allows a wider, everyday use for your table.

In addition to various card tables, we have an Amish builder that makes fine pool tables. Ould world craftsman ship with the look of history. Solid slate tops, quality felt and delivered to your door. Your choice of wood and color.

Remember, we make these game table to order. We can customize them to suit your tastes.