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If you already have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for, you can call us or email us and either describe your desired piece, or point us to another url or picture somewhere that we can look at with you. In short, if we can see a picture of it, we can quote it and make it.

If you have a more general idea or what you are dreaming of, the first suggestion would be to browse the rest of this site and in particular the "gallery" link above. We have many, many pictures out there from our first 25+ years, plus many more from our Amish builder's long history, that might be just what you are thinking of.  There are literally thousands of ideas out there, but hopefully they are grouped is a way you can narrow down your choices. Another of our websites that offers many,many more images of Amish furniture that we offer is . If you find an item there that fits your dreams, you can place the order directly or contact us for changes in details or updated pricing based on your desired changes.

But then, remember, you do not have to stop there! You are not restricted to the specific choices or pictures you find there or elsewhere. Any of the details that you find either on our web or elsewhere can be combined into your particular build. Shapes,  woods and colors obviously can be changed, but additionally edge treatments, legs, feet or bases can be recombined, door styles can be interchanged or matched, door and drawer configurations can be modified, and a lot more. Just note your points of interest on a number of items and then contact us and we can talk.

If you have items at home that you need to match styles, woods or colors to, we can eaisly do that also. Use your cell phone to snap a few quick pictures and email them to us so we can get up to speed before you call.

We'll help you thru all this and also work to insure you don't design something that either technically can not be done without surprising costs, or the may conflict asthetically.

We want you to end up with a  piece of furniture that both you and we are proud of.

Let the dreaming begin...