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Shipping your Illinois Amish Furniture
We don't build shipping costs into our product pricing like many other on-line Amish furniture dealers do so we can't offer $150 nationwide delivery pricing. However, we can have your custom Amish  furniture piece built for the lowest possible cost and have it delivered to your door if you wish at fair and reasonable rates. Call us with your ideas and we will get you a surpringly good price.

We have shipped to many clients in every corner of the US from California to Massachusets, Florida and Texas to Montana amd North Dakota and most states in between.

Of course, you can always come by and pick your order up here in Arthur, we'd love to see you personally, but for our more distant friends, we pallet, crate and/or blanket  wrap your furniture, and you can choose from tailgate, driveway or white glove in-home setup.

For deliveries within 150-200 miles of Central Illinois, including the Chicago-Milwaukee, StLouis, Indianapolis areas, we have a number of local drivers that regularly deliver in each area along with the many kitchen cabinets that are made here in the Arthur Amish community, and they often offer split load pricing for an additional piece of furniture going to the same local. Other than picking your furniture up in person, these folks are by far the least cost method. They are independent local drivers who are experienced with the blanket wrapped care necessary for home deliveries. They will usually set up the furniture in your home for you with no additional cost.

When your furniture is ready and inspected, we will put you in touch with a few of them and you can arrange for a time that is convienent. If the items are especially large, in difficult locations like upstairs, or their other delivery schedules don't include a second person, they may work out with you to have some extra help on hand. That extra hand can lower your costs at the same time.

Most items are built for easy two person setup, (we don't like to lift more than necesary either,) so the tailgate delivery works for many but an extra hand always help. 

For cross country delivery, again, we don't include any padding in our furniture item prices to allow us to offer $150  delivery. What we do offer are contacts from successful past deliveries and assistance in price shopping among qualified blanket wrapped delivery groups. This way you get the lowest costs possible for the items you order. You will only pay the exact cost of delivery with no service charges or markups.

When shoping for furniture online, be sure to compare the total end cost of having items built and delivered to your home.