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Illinois Amish Furniture - Bed Room
We all spend a good portion of our lives in the bedroom. Our custom, Amish crafted, made to order bedroom suites can make that time more enjoyable.

Bedroom styles include  Mission, Country, Shaker, Traditional, Formal or Contemporary.... or any design you can imagine. We have many pieces and ideas beyond just the bed to complete your set. Dressers, side tables, armoires, mule chests, wardrobes and more allow you and us to create your dream room. Additional ideas and plans can be used in nursery, childrens rooms and guest bedrooms.

As with all our custom, made to order furniture, our Amish craftsmen, use solid wood frames, doors, and dovetailed drawers as they create each piece one at a time.
Oaks, maples, cherry and walnut are available in your choice of stain color. Door and drawer pulls can be selected to match your style.

This is a large category and virtually unlimited in how you can design it. Platform beds, poster beds, cannonball beds, wraparound beds, mission style beds, youth beds, nursery beds, convertible beds, sleigh beds and many more names can describe the styles of beds we have built over the years.

Always personalize by choosing your wood species and stain color, and then pick the size... twin bed, double bed, queen bed, california queen bed, super queen bed, king bed, california king bed, super king bed.

Then we would ask you to consider tha mattress height you plan on using, as there is now a lot of variability there also. We can adjust the bedframe height to put the top of the bed mattress just where you want it for ease in gettinginto and out of the bed.

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Dressers & Chests:
Once again a lot of specific designs and ideas can make your bedroom special. Many time the useage requirements dictate much of the design. The number of drawers or shelves, the amount of wall or floor space available and the total  need for storage all are pretty open in design and can be intermixed. Think you might need more space? A larger unit is more cost effective than two smaller ones, but then you need to consider available space and the general look of the room.

Bedroom mirrors often are shown on these units. We make mirrors with wood trims to match the dresser style.

On these links we show many examples of what we consider a dresser or standard chest. Mostly with drawers of various configurations, with or without mirrors. In the next segment we will discuss other more specialized bedroom storage units like armoires, mule and gentlemen's chests.

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Armoires, Mule Chests, Gentlemen's Chests,
Longerie Chests, Jewelry Chests, and etc.:

This final, catch-all category is for the unusual, multi-purpose bedroom stroage units. Often taller than dressers, and often with doors and shelving in part of the unit. The doored area may be shelved for flat storage of bedding, folded sweaters and the like or are now, often a concealed area for the bedroom television.

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